American Red Cross BLS Healthcare Provider Online with Skills

The Basic Life Support (BLS) class from the American Red Cross has been designed specifically for healthcare providers and first responders – and offers ways to help streamline your training, improve your skill retention, and help you better serve your patients.

By building on your Basic Life Support (BLS) knowledge, our scientifically equivalent and educationally superior training emphasizes providing high-quality patient care. Throughout the Red Cross BLS course, you will learn Basic life support assessment, as well as how to best practice management of respiratory emergencies.

Blended Learning and Streamlined Options for Experienced Providers

Basic Life Support classes are available via our innovative Blended Learning program, which combines online coursework with an in-person skills session – so you can take them when and where you like – and on the device that suits you best. Throughout the course, our interactive scenarios will help you understand the science behind BLS and the finer points of providing care and improve your clinical decision-making skills. With the online class complete, and after passing your final written exam, you will attend an in-person skills session – where you will meet with a certified Red Cross instructor and demonstrate your BLS skills. After passing both sections of the course, you will receive a two-year BLS certificate.

Personalized Instruction & Timesaving BLS Pre-Assessments

As part of the Blended Learning experience, our BLS class features adaptive learning technology. By using this groundbreaking technology, you will not only follow a personalized learning path, but you will have the option to test out of sessions if you demonstrate competency. It is an innovative way to reduce your overall class time and help you earn your BLS certification faster.

Experienced BLS Providers

If you are an experienced BLS provider, the Red Cross gives you the option to renew your BLS certification even faster. With the opportunity to do a brief, in-person skills review before testing (Review Option), or simply move straight to the Challenge Option and immediately take the skills test, you can get recertified in less time.

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ARC BLS Online Course with Skills:

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