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ACLS Experienced Provider

Course Description

The ACLS for Experienced Providers (EP) course is designed for those healthcare professionals that utilize ACLS skills on a routine basis.The premise for the course is that if we are aware of the most common causes of cardiac arrest and can identify those patients that are at risk, could we lower the incidence of death by educating ACLS providers on preemptive interventions? The ACLS-EP course is a one day, 8-hour course that reviews current ACLS proficiency and provides discussion for the recognition and management of four specific peri-arrest conditions:  electrolyte abnormalities, cardiovascular emergencies (including right ventricular infarction), environmental emergencies, and toxidromes.

Intended Audience

Professionals, clinicians and scientists who must frequently respond to emergency cardiovascular and special resuscitation situations in the work environment.

Student Materials:

ACLS: for the Experienced Textbook (Required)

ECC Handbook

Card Type: Course completion

Written/Skills Exam: Required for renewal or course completion card

Course Length: 8 hours

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Price: $200.00


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